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Bruning Green

A Labor of Love for the Neighborhood since 2002

Before there was a Bruning Green -- before trees, curb, plants, water tap, benches -- before the neighborhood came together to make a pocket park -- there was a nondescript triangle of grass.

Photo circa 2002:

Planting the first tree in 2004 (photo of Matt Hollon):

And more trees soon followed:

Volunteers worked together to lay a limestone path edging in 2004:

Along with some limestone benches so people could sit and enjoy the park:

By 2005, the butterfly garden was beginning to bloom and thrive:

In 2008, Cindy Black, Keeper of the Green, worked with the city and volunteers to create a paved sidewalk that would curve through the gardens along the Southeastern edge of Bruning Green:

Volunteers installed an artistic mosaic in the middle of the path:

Bruning Green is enjoyed by all of our neighbors -- even our neighborhood mascot, the Guinea Hen, flocks to the Green every day to enjoy a quiet bit of shade and natural beauty. (Fun Fact: The Northfield Guinea Hens were the source of the "Guin-Spiration" reference in the mosaic.)

Neighbors gather regularly in the Green, and it has been the location of events like National Night Out in 2008:

UT Volunteers helped to clean up the park for "It's My Park Day" in 2010:

Bruning Green continues to grow and thrive.  Here is the butterfly garden, 2010:

And the butterfly garden again in 2013:

And it will always endure as a place of quiet contemplation and natural beauty in the heart of Northfield.

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