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Electronic Discussion List and Google Group

The Northfield Neighborhood Association Discussion List (NNADL) is an email forum (and now a Google Group!) for communicating ideas and information within the Northfield neighborhood.

If you are a registered member of the list, you may send an e-mail to everybody on the list by sending an e-mail addressed to nnadl@NorthfieldNA.org.

You can join the mailing list or manage your subscription by filling out this form.

Some people prefer to manage their subscription to the neighborhood discussion list through Google Groups, and you are free to do so with the form below:
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Discussion List/Google Groups Rules

Please keep in mind that the NNADL is a public forum, and contributers should follow common-sense rules of etiquette and decorum:

Violations of the list rules may result in subscribers posts being moderated.

NOTE: If you are particularly wonkish and want to know everything that is happening in this part of Austin, you may also want to join the North Loop Neighborhood Planning Team discussion list for people to discuss zoning and regulations issues. For more information about the NLNPT see the NLNPT section of the Projects page.

You may get some duplicate e-mail, but you will have your finger firmly on the pulse of the neighborhood.

For help or feedback, contact us