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NNA Newsletter

For years the Northfield Neighborhood Association published a newsletter that we printed and delivered to every home in the neighborhood several times per year.  However, the cost of printing and the amount of effort it took to create the newsletter became too burdensome, and the newsletter was discontinued.

Instead, we now have a neighborhood blog, and we love receiving stories and articles for that blog.  Any news or articles related to Northfield are welcome, but we especially love to get recollections and histories of Northfield and the surrounding area from people who have lived here a long time.  If you have a story or an article you would be willing to submit, please contact our webmaster with your idea.

The NNA newsletter is gone for now at least, but old copies of the newsletter can still be downloaded here:

Spring 2011 (PDF)

Fall 2011 (PDF)

Summer 2011 (PDF)

Spring 2011 (PDF)

Fall 2010 (PDF)

Summer 2010 (PDF)

Spring 2010 (PDF)

Fall 2009 (PDF)

Summer 2009 (PDF)

Spring 2009 (PDF)

Fall 2008 (PDF)

Fall 2007 (PDF)

Spring 2007 (PDF)

Fall 2006 (PDF)

Summer 2006 (PDF)

Spring 2006 (PDF)

Fall 2005 (PDF)

Spring 2005 (PDF)


Newsletter / Pot-Luck Invitation Distribution

Once per year, we do still print an invitation to our December Holiday Potluck Dinner, and we put that invitation on every door-step in the neighborhood.  We always need volunteers to help to distribute those invitations.  We have divided the neighborhood up into routes to make it easier:

Area #1: 105 deliveries
Nelray and Franklin between Lamar and Guadalupe

Area #2: 59 deliveries
Genard and Zennia (West of Guadalupe) and
Huisache and
Guadalupe between 51st and North Loop

Area #3: 100 deliveries
Genard and Zennia (East of Guadalupe) and Leralynn

Area #4: 60 deliveries
51st between Lamar and the State Hospital cemetery

Area #5: 84 deliveries
Guadalupe between North Loop and Franklin and
Franklin between Guadalupe and Link

Area #6: 61 deliveries
Nelray between Guadalupe and Link

Area #7: 52 deliveries
55th between Guadalupe and Link

Area #8: 56 deliveries
55th-1/2 between Guadalupe and
Link including east 54th

Area #9: 28 deliveries
Chesterfield between North Loop and 56th and
Link between Franklin and 56th

Area #10: 87 deliveries
Avenue F between 56th and 51st

Area #11: 82 deliveries
Avenue G between 56th and 51st

Area #12: 86 deliveries
Avenue H between 56th and 51st

Area #13: 88 deliveries
Duval between 56th and 51st

Area #14: 150 deliveries
Evans, Martin and Bruning

Area #15:  58 deliveries
53rd between Clarkson and Evans

Area #16: 100 deliveries
North Loop between Lamar and Avenue F (not the businesses)


For help or feedback, contact us